Granting Data X-Ray for Office 365 permission to view files

The Data X-Ray will require an Office 365 administrator for initial set up.

Ohalo will provide a link to the administrator to set up the account.

Login as an administrator of your Office 365 account (if for some reason you cannot access your login via this link, please contact Ohalo for an alternate solution.)

Accept the list permission for the Data X-Ray for Office 365.

Removing permissions for Data X-Ray for Office 365

In the event that you would like to revoke permissions for Data X-Ray for Office 365, you can follow these steps from the azure portal of your Office 365 account.

In the “All Services” blade, search for “Enterprise application” and click on “Enterprise application”.

In the list of applications on the “Enterprise applications” blade, click on the “Data X-Ray for O365”.

In the “Overview” panel, click on the “Delete” button on the top. Confirm the deletion.

Note: Alternatively, you can also simply revoke the permissions from the “Permissions” panel in this screen.

After this step, the Data X-Ray will no longer be able to read or access any OneDrive accounts. 

Connecting user OneDrives for Office 365

After permissions are granted, you will be able to connect OneDrives using the username or email address of the users whose drives you would like to scan. 

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