With the Data X-Ray you have the ability to collaborate across your datasources to improve data governance across the company. You can add users and adjust user permissions in the Team section, found in the upper right drop down menu.

Clicking on this menu will bring you to the Team screen. There are essentially two things to do in this screen: add/remove members and adjust existing members' permissions.

Add Member

The add member screen allows you to can invite new members to collaborate on the Data X-Ray.

The Data X-Ray Cloud version supports a Data X-Ray-managed password or you can also choose to use GSuite SSO. The Data X-Ray on premise / private cloud version allows for customization of SSO methods and is configurable at install time. After sending an invite, the user will receive an email asking them to join the Data X-Ray. They are then able to click through to register the account.

Adjusting User Permissions and Deleting Users

The top section of the Team page is for adjusting user permissions and deleting users. 

Deleting a User

Deleting a user is simple. You can select the checkbox in one or more users, click the actions drop down, and click "Delete Account".

Adjust a User's Permissions

This section is based on the Data X-Ray cloud version. If deploying in your own environment, the permissions models can be modified according to your own business processes.

By default a new user has no permissions and can only view datasource scan results. To update a user's permissions, again select the user and click the "Action" dropdown box "Manage Permissions". You are presented with a pop up modal that gives you several levels of permission that you can assign the user.

The default permissions that you can assign are:

  • Account Owner: the user can modify information about the organization and billing
  • Manage Users: the user can create and delete other user accounts and modify their permissions. All Account Owners are User Managers by default
  • Connect Datasources: the user can add and remove datasources and view the basic information about the datasources of an organization
  • Scan Datasource: the user can trigger scans and searches for datasources and view the results
  • Edit Datasource Reports: the user can edit labels and add or remove them from scan reports

Customized Permissions, Team Hierarchies, and Integration into Existing User Directories

Data X-Ray On Premise/Private Cloud allows you to customize permission hierarchy and team classes according to your internal business requirements. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns about Ohalo's security practices, please feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected] or +44 20 8133 7236 / +1 415 800 2913 (Monday-Friday, 8:00-17:30 London time).

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