The Data X-Ray On Premise version allows you to have complete control over how the application interacts with your data. No data ever leaves your environment.

Installation Requirements

Environment: Bare Metal, Virtual Machine, or Docker
OS and version: Ubuntu 16.04 (recommended, although other Unix and Windows implementations are possible)
RAM: 32 GB
Disk: 500 GB
Required Software: Java and the Bitnami Tomcat stack (provide with application package)
I/O: High bandwidth networking to data and files to be scanned. Ideally in the same data center behind the firewall.
API availability: Full functionality available via the API to integrate into other systems. API documentation is made available via a Swagger page integrated into the application.
User Permissions: Users can be configured with different permission levels for account ownership, user management, datasource connections, scanning, and editing datasource reports.
Other Information/Documentation: Ohalo UI and Admin features are controlled via a React/Javascript front end.

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